The International Community Project Presentation Evening





On 22nd of November the CSD: International Community Project hosted an introductory evening in order to welcome new members to the research project.
During the course of the evening members of ICP, Ricardo Blaug and Farhang Morady presented the aims and aspirations behind the research. Dr. Morady talked about the history and the foundation of the project. The idea was born several years ago after a joint conference with Turkish academics and community leaders. The concern of a disconnect between academia and the wider community was apparent leading Dr. Morady to the idea of research on Turkish communities in London. However, the diverse multicultural nature of London and with University of Westminster situated in the heart of it, an idea blossomed to include other communities into research. Dr. Blaug talked about the benefits of the project being the part of Centre of Study of Democracy. He also spoke to students of advantages in being part of undergraduate research including the impact on future job prospects and learning new skills. Following this, students detailed their progress so far such as field trips to communities in London, and the international trip to Turkey. Students elaborated on their plans for the near future such as visit to Bangladeshi community and research methods workshops. The presentation also highlighted the social and collective aspect of the project. The evening finished in high spirits as prospective members of ICP had a lively informal chat with presenters, Ricardo Blaug and Farhang Morady.ImageImageImage

What we presented… International Community Project Presentation Evening


About csdinternationalcommunityproject

The International Community Project was launched by the Centre for Study of Democracy of University of Westminster to undertake empirical research into different communities, Turkish, Somalian, Kurdish, Sudanese, Iranian, Egyptian, Iraqi, Latin American’s and... in London. In fact, London is a melting pot of different ethnic groups and thus an important research field for students of Politics, International Relations and Development Studies. Indeed, in the last 30 years the impact of globalisation, especially since 9/11, has meant the further integration of economics and politics, something which has generated a variety of contradictions in the world, particularly here in London. Communities in London have not been immune from this process as a range of ideas and issues including religion, nationalism, democracy, security and IR, inclusion/exclusion, gender, migration and remittance and development, have taken centre stage. This project is about looking at these issues by taking a practical approach; it will involve the students, with the Department’s guidance and support, conducting research related to Politics, IR, and Development, with the aim of unravelling the underlining reasons behind these changes and hopefully, putting forward some solutions. Students will be involved in going out into the community of choice to engage in research, in conducting an interview within that community, with a range of a wide range of people... Finally, the research can be integrated to research and interviews into students' coursework and especially, in the final year dissertation.

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