The International Community Project was established at the University of Westminster in the heart of central London. The city’s diverse and multicultural nature and the University’s position within it provides a perfect environment for collaboration between London’s many international communities and its long-standing and prestigious academic institutions. The ICP is a venture by students to bridge the perceived activity deficit between academia and communities by involving different international communities in the research process. This relationship will hopefully allow a previously unprecedented level of information exchange between both parties, giving those who study processes of Globalization a potentially new insight into the experience of immigrant populations. The focus of the project is on the participation of these groups in the political and social processes of democracy. The ICP strives to be more than purely a research organization, working with community members and academics to improve the responsiveness of representative democracy in the UK. We hope to leave a legacy of mutual trust and respect between the University and grassroots organizations, allowing the project to grow and expand internationally.

For students, the project is an opportunity to expand your university experience beyond the confines of the academic paradigm. The field of active research is one usually limited to post-graduate students, and the International Community Project is an opportunity to develop active research and organizational skills in an open and flexible forum amongst like-minded peers. The extensive research undertaken by members of the ICP will prove invaluable to any student of humanities and social sciences, including providing a solid base for dissertation work in their final year. Project activities will facilitate access to academic and social networking prospects throughout London and beyond, mutually forging relationships for years to come. The project’s field work includes community visits within the city of London, as well the potential for international research expeditions as the project evolves. The main aim of the project is to provoke a dynamic change towards a more inclusive and representative style of democracy.

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